Pro-Russian Militants Harrass Donetsk National University Faculty – September 19, 2014

DoNUTwo incidents were reported today about pro-Russian forces in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) harassing faculty members and breaking up an entire department.

The Ukrainian newspaper The Day (Den’) ran a photo on Facebook on September 19, 2014, of the following tweet on Twitter (the name withheld apparently for security reasons), translation by William Risch, Georgia College:

Today, the DNR’s Minister of Education, responding to a question by an instructor from the physics faculty, “Who will recognize DNR diplomas?,” said, “If you keep asking questions like that, bitch, you’ll be sitting in a basement.” My colleagues in Donetsk are simply in tears, and I’m definitely not coming back! My poor Ukrainian Donetsk, my poor Ukrainian DonNU (Donetsk National University).

The online Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reported a story about armed men from the DNR breaking up the Department of the History of Ukraine because its faculty and staff refused to swear an oath of loyalty to the DNR. Translation by William Risch, Georgia College:

Militants Drive Out Department of the History of Ukraine at Donetsk National University
Ukrainska Pravda, 19 September 2014, 17:38

“Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) militants dispersed Donetsk National University’s Department of the History of Ukraine and claimed that the university was going to become a branch of Moscow State University (MGU).

According to the online news source Novosti Donbassa, this information comes from one of the instructors who was present at the department then.

He said that the university “chancellor” Serhiy Baryshnikov, appointed by the terrorists, and the so-called Minister of Education of the DNR, Ihor Kostenok, and also Kyrylo Cherkashyn, one of the instructors at the Department of Political Science of Donetsk National University, who also was armed with an automatic rifle, came with armed men to the History Faculty of Donetsk National University.

They drove out all the instructors, and they sealed off the department’s office.

In addition, Kostenok claimed that Donetsk National University will become a branch of MGU.

All instructors were told that they needed to take a loyalty oath to the self-proclaimed “DNR.” According to sources from Novosti Donbassa, all of the department’s personnel refused to swear an oath to the DNR.

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