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Gosha Tykhyi’s Phone Call – September 21, 2014

Ukrainian journalist Heorhiy (Gosha) Tykhyi was involved in producing a story for the German TV station ARD on Ukrainian forces fighting in Ilovaisk, encircled by pro-Russian forces. At the end of August, these forces evacuated Ilovaisk after pro-Russian forces promised

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Pro-Russian Militants Harrass Donetsk National University Faculty – September 19, 2014

Two incidents were reported today about pro-Russian forces in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) harassing faculty members and breaking up an entire department. The Ukrainian newspaper The Day (Den’) ran a photo on Facebook on September 19, 2014, of

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Kharkiv Journalists’ Appeal: Luhansk Journalist Oleksandr Belokobylskyi Missing – September 19, 2014

Appeal by the Board of the Kharkiv Oblast Organization of the Journalists’ Union of Ukraine (Translated by William Risch, Georgia College) Kharkiv journalists are concerned about the disappearance of Luhansk journalist Oleksandr Belokobylskyi. On September 13, Oleksandr left Kharkiv for

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Latvian Journalist Surprised By What He Saw in Ukraine – September 15, 2014

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix Latvian Journalist Surprised by What He Saw in Ukraine Apollo, Monday, 15 September 2014, 07:23 (Translation from Latvian by William Risch, Georgia College) War correspondent Atis Klimovičs, who spent over two weeks near the front lines in

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