Ukrainian Forces under Fire Near Iunokommunarivsk, August 16, 2014


Facebook Status Update from Roman Bochkala, August 20, 2014 (translated from Russian by William Risch, Georgia College):

And again, it’s about the 25th airmobile brigade. Nineteen in the “200 Truck” (killed in action – translator)… The tragedy happened the day before yesterday, in the area of Iunokommunarivsk, after being fired upon by GRAD rockets. The guys are ashamed that command has been silent about it. Thus they called and asked me to say what happened. On August 16, the 25th liberated Zhdanovsk. And, being a storm unit, they went further. To Ienakieve. They came to a halt along Iunokommunarivsk – they had to remove mines from a bridge. Periodically, our guys were assaulted with machinegun fire, with a low percentage hit. Overall, it was more or less okay. But then bombardment with rocket fire started, and it hit Ukrainian military positions with absolute precision. The airborne combat vehicle’s driver-mechanic said, “They flew like meteors. The sky burned. Then the ground burned. Three projectiles landed 10-15 meters from me. They sent a blast wave of about two meters, but not a single piece of shrapnel hit me. I wasn’t born with a shirt on, I was born with a flack jacket on.” By the way, at that moment, a lot of soldiers didn’t have helmets or flack jackets on – they’d taken them off because of the exhausting work and the heat. A majority of them died immediately because of fatal wounds. It was good that they could at least evacuate the dead. Bodies and remains have been delivered to the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. We mourn…

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