“Men in Black” Stop Kharkiv Separatists – May 1, 2014


Photo posted on Facebook by Ihor Mosiychuk, Chief Press Secretary of the Social-National Assembly (SNA), translation by William Risch, Georgia College:

Men in Black Stopped Separatism’s Flourishing in Kharkiv

It’s clear that today, on May 1, separatists in Kharkiv had planned operations aimed at seizing state institutions, seizing weapons, and setting up a Kharkiv People’s Republic. In reality, the collaborators were only able to conduct a small First of May demonstration on a reservation guarded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS), a demonstration where pseudo-workers supposedly rooted for Ukrainian workers.
But why didn’t a separatist orgy happen in Kharkiv? The fact is that about 300 so-called men in black showed up in town in the morning, and they patrolled the city with the support of local patriots and Ultras. They managed to warn people about traitors to the Fatherland making speeches and localize their speechmaking. Currently the men in black continue to operate in the Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk oblasts.
If the government cannot stop separatists’ activities, then the Ukrainian people will do it.

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4 comments on ““Men in Black” Stop Kharkiv Separatists – May 1, 2014
  1. Lorren says:

    Bravo! I commend the Men in Black for taking their future in their own hands, and enforcing the rule of law. This is the fastest, surest path to true prosperity for ALL Ukrainians (even those self-destructive idiots thinking that pillaging public buildings is somehow going to make their lives better). I encourage the Men in Black to show tolerance for ALL views peacefully expressed, and tolerate no violence or repression from any side toward any side (even their own). No ideology that needs to subdue other ideas with force has any worth. If it had worth, it could persuade by its own value, and not need to be imposed by force. Showing high tolerance for all views democratically expressed, and zero tolerance for violence and corruption will place the Men in Black in very high esteem with the world, and seperate them from the thugs. Slava Ukrainye!!

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