Oleh Tsariov in Sloviansk – April 27, 2014



April 27, 2014, 20:23

“Oleh Tsariov Arrives in Sloviansk with Armed Men” (Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch, Georgia College)

Today Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleh Tsariov arrived in Sloviansk, which is under the control of terrorists.

Polish journalist Piotr Andrusieczko, who is in the town, reported this on his Facebook page.

Tsariov himself said on his Facebook page that he and his motorcade brought clothing, medicine, and food to self-defense and National Guard forces

[Posting of Facebook status update of Oleh Tsariov, translated from Russian by William Risch]

 Oleh Tsarev


We arrived in Slaviansk. There’s peace and quiet in town.  Only checkpoints on streets remind you of the situation there.  We drove through the whole town with St. George ribbons and flags.  Local residents waved at us, smiled, and greeted us.  Our motorcade left aid to both the self-defense forces of Donetsk and National Guard soldiers who came here to fight them. 

Lenin’s monument stands in front of the town council. Women and children walk around the square, old folks sit on benches.  We heard all the time from Ukrainian television channels that Slaviansk has been seized by terrorists, and that locals dream of getting out of here, but they can’t, because armed men won’t let them. 

I don’t see anyone here being afraid. Locals aren’t afraid of their national self-defense forces.  They are afraid of those who will come here to establish order.  People could die as a result. 

We brought not just food, clothing, and medicine here. We brought support from all Donbass here, and we won’t let them isolate the town.  No one has the right to blockade our towns.  This is a violation of the Constitution and Ukrainian laws.  

Original link: http://tvi.ua/new/2014/04/27/oleh_carov_u_otochenni_avtomatnykiv_pryyikhav_do_slov%E2%80%99yanska_foto

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