Khmelnyts’kyi: Regional SBU Chief Arrrested – February 20, 2014

ImageUkrains’ka Pravda

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 21:16

Regional SBU Chief Arrested in Khmelnyts’kyi

The head of the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) for the Khmel’nyts’kyi Region, Viktor Kraitor, was arrested immediately after he made a report in front of the regional council, and he was sent to the military prosecutor’s office. 

Kraitor apologized in front of the deputies and the public for yesterday’s victims, says the newspaper Den’. 

He acknowledged his guilt, and after that, personnel from the military prosecutor’s office said in the council hallway that a criminal case had been brought up against him. 

Kraitor was taken away under guard to the military base for questioning.  

Members of Khmel’nyts’kyi’s Maidan followed the vehicle bringing Kraitor there to make sure that he wouldn’t be taken out of the city. 

He is now at the Khmel’nyts’kyi military base, and after questioning, he will be taken to a cell in the military prison. 

Yesterday, during an attempt to seize the SBU administration in the Khmel’nyts’kyi Region, a 22 year-old resident of Khmel’nyts’kyi was killed. 

Three others were unconscious, and they are in an emergency room. 

A woman who had stood on her knees in front of the main entrance to the SBU building also was wounded.  She still is in a coma and on life support. 

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