Kharkivians Protest Outside Riot Police Academy – February 19, 2014

These Facebook postings were translated by William Risch on February 19, 2014:

Translation from Russian of status update by Kharkiv Euromaidan activist Volodymyr Chystylin :  “Kharkovians!  Anyone who can make it, come block the exit for the riot police academy for 4th and 5th year cadets at 14:00.  It’s on Uprising Square (pl. Vosstaniia).  Ordinary citizens and journalists have already been getting together there.  The meeting is right at the entrance.  Repost to the max!”

A later post, translated from Ukrainian, posted by Kharkiv human rights activist Ievhen Zakharov:  “For over two hours, Kharkiv Human Rights Group lawyers have not been allowed to see seven people arrested near the Riot Police Academy building.  For over an hour they waited for an emergency ambulance that had been called to treat one of those arrested; it’s now taken him to the hospital, but it’s not known which one.  And doctors from another emergency ambulance have been waiting for over an hour to treat someone who’s ill.”


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