Hired Thugs and Riot Police Attacked on Odessa-Kiev Highway – Februray 20, 2014


February 20, 2014, 01:34

People Seize and Burn a Bus with Hired Thugs and a Bus with Riot Police on the Odessa-Kiev Highway, Bandits Kill One Activist (Translated from Russian by William Risch)

The scope of events that are developing in Ukraine is massive; the whole country has literally been swept up in the flames of revolution.  Thus in the town of Man’kivko, in the Cherkassy Region, local residents set up a block post on the highway to keep law enforcement and hired thugs (tituski) from reaching Kiev.  However, a man was killed when law enforcement rammed the barricade with a transport vehicle.  The enraged mob destroyed the policemen’s vehicle, and then later it stopped a bus with hired thugs and burned it.

A forty year-old man was killed at the block post set up by residents of Man’kivko and Uman’, near the village of Podobnaia, which is on the Odessa-Kiev highway.  This was according to news Tsenzor.net received from “Pro holovne.” 

About 500 people set up harrows and blocked the highway to keep hired thugs and special police unit forces from reaching the capital.  The driver of an unknown jeep, who was clearing the road for riot police, fatally ran over a resident of Podobnaia at high speed. 


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