Fire at Khmel’nyts’kyi SBU Headquarters – February 20, 2014


From Channel Five (translation by William Risch):

Khmelnyts’kyi in Flames

The situation has stabilized somewhat in Khmel’nyts’kyi.  Nine firetrucks are now putting out the fire blazing in the building of the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU). 

A total of 40 SBU personnel were evacuated from the building.  The conflict escalated in Khmel’nyts’kyi when police opened fire on activists who tried to climb over a barrier in order to get inside the SBU administration building.  A 23 year-old young man died at the scene.  A bullet had gone through his head.  In response to these actions by police, the protestors became even more active and set fire to the Security Services building.  Firefighters are now working at the scene.”

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