Storming of the Maidan – February 19, 2014

TVi:  “Police Forces Have Started Actions on the Maidan:  Protestors Believe They Must Hold Out until Dawn” (Translation by William Risch)

February 19, 2014, 05:24

Police forces continue to force protestors away from the Maidan, and they have surrounded the Independence Column.  In this way, according Obozrevatel’, they have increased the portion of territory of Independence Square under their control. 

Police forces also have begun an offensive from European Square, using grenades and water cannons, which they have been dousing protestors with. 

The building of the Kyiv Conservatory has caught fire. 

Calls were made on stage to bring wood to the barricade on Instytuts’kyi Street, where police forces are also arriving, so as to support a fire going on there.  People on the Maidan say that police forces will only storm under the cover of night, and thus they must hold out until dawn. 

Explosions can be heard regularly at the Maidan.  People onstage are reading prayers and singing the national anthem. 

On February 18, clashes started up again in Kyiv between police and protestors.  Police forces began storming the Maidan.  As a result of clashes, around 30 people were killed, and hundreds were wounded.  The deaths of 14 people have been officially confirmed. 

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