Anna Herman and an “Ultimatum” to the Opposition – February 18, 2014

Herman Made an Ultimatum to the Opposition

Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 20:18

The meeting planned for Wednesday between Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders will happen after the armed conflict in the capital is over.

Party of Regions member of parliament Hanna Herman said this in comments to Radio Svoboda. 

“Negotiations will take place only when armed conflict ceases, when the opposition removes armed people from the streets and when peace returns to the country.  Then, we must sit at the negotiations table,” she claimed.  

“Opposition leaders need to wake up and stop sending people into bloodshed,” she added.

According to her, the President “called on a return to peaceful negotiations, and he calls on them now, to return peace to the country and end the bloodletting.” 

“The President has been urging this for several months.  The President doesn’t want to fight.  The President wants peace, tranquility, and progress in Ukraine,” said Hanna Herman. 

Herman also confirmed that there had been a meeting between Yanukovych and opposition leaders on Tuesday, but she did not give out any details. 

Law enforcement in these minutes are storming the Maidan. 

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