A Voice from Hrushevsky Street, Kyiv – February 9, 2014

Night at the Hrushevsky Street Barricades, Kyiv

Night at the Hrushevsky Street Barricades, Kyiv

Facebook Posting from Road Control L’viv, February 9, 2014 (Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch):

Klymentiia Dymyd

From a night conversation on Hrushevsky Street, a man, age 36, Master of Sport in boxing:  “I have money, an apartment, a car… I have everything, but I’m here.  Why am I here.  I am here because they killed people.  If they hadn’t killed people, I wouldn’t have given a fuck.  Now I can’t say anymore that I don’t care… I’ve been here for 15 days, I’m not coming home, they’re looking for me, and that’s dangerous.  A friend told me that I’m on a list and he won’t be able to get me out of there, whatever connections he has.  I will be here until we win…. we were unarmed, now, I won’t deny it, we’re not empty-handed, but that’s necessary – when they started using weapons against us we were in the palm of their hands, like children, defenseless, and look how it ended:  our guys will never see the sun again.  I want those bitches punished, I am afraid of nothing anymore and I’m ready to give my life for Ukraine.  I can’t sit at home, I can’t go to work, I can’t sleep and eat, I won’t take anymore of that.  So I went out, and I’m going to be here until the end.” 


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