“Westerner March” in Odessa – February 9, 2014

Saveliy Libkin at the "Westerners' March," Odessa

Saveliy Libkin at the “Westerners’ March,” Odessa

iPress.ua, February 9, 2014

“Westerner” March Takes Place in Odessa (Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch)

Over 400 People Attend

Today a protest event unusual for Odessa took place in the center of the city.  Concerned Odessans, convinced that Odessa is a European city, took part in the march. 

The local online publication odessamedia.net reported this. 

As in the past, the Odessa Euromaidan met in front of the monument to the Duke, and then those present took part in the “Westerners’ March.”  Around 400 people gathered for the meeting.  Civic activists from the region and a real Hutsul with a trembita horn came to support the Odessa Maidan. 

The well-known art restorationist, Saveliy Libkin, took part in the march.

Before starting the “Westerners’ March,”  the organizers displayed a poster that said that the Palmyra of the South was founded by “Westernizer carpetbaggers,” namely the Duke of Richelieu, Alexandre Langeron, José de Ribas, and Franz de Volan. 

Original link:  http://ipress.ua/news/v_odesi_vidbuvsya_marsh_zapadentsiv_45399.html

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