Lenin Street Renamed in Berdychiv – February 3, 2014

Lenin Monument in Berdychiv

Lenin Monument in Berdychiv

In Berdychiv, Lenin Street is No More

1.zt.ua, 3 February 2014 (Translation from Ukrainian by William Risch)

From now on, residents of Berdychev on Lenin, K. Liebknecht, and Sverdlov Streets live on Zhytomyr, Europe, and Vinnytsia Streets.  City council deputies at their January 24 session unanimously approved renaming them. 

RIO Berdychiv has reported this. 

The decision to rename the city’s three main streets had first been discussed in December, at an executive committee meeting, which also hosted a meeting of a renaming commission.  Both bodies presented their ideas for new names to the audience.  After some short debates, members of the executive committee approved the new names, and this led to further work by the commission, which is responsible for renaming squares, streets, and lanes in Berdychiv.  From now on, residents involved in real estate transfers must indicate the new names in all documents – Zhytomyr Street instead of Lenin Street, European Street instead of K. Liebknecht Street, and Vinnytsia Street instead of Sverdlova Street. 

Original link:  http://www.1.zt.ua/news/rizne/v-berdichevi-vzhe-nemaye-vulitsi-lenina.html

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