Kharkiv Leader of Oplot (Bulwark) Threatens Euromaidan Activists – February 4, 2014, 4 February 2014, 11:11

“Bulwark” Leader:  I Can Break a Person’s Leg, and Nothing Will Happen to Me (Translated by William Risch)

Ievhen Zhylin, leader of “Bulwark” (Oplot), who has taken on the task of Kharkiv’s “defense,” does not hide that he’s ready to inflict bodily harm on people. 

 He said this in an interview with

 “As a lawyer, I know what it means to catch a person at the scene of a crime.  A person can inflict bodily harm on another person to catch a criminal and hand him over to the police,” he said. 

 “There are unclear events taking place in the country.  Certain groups of people are very aggressive, and they are taking over administrative buildings.  Maybe they are not happy with the authorities, but they can’t cross the Rubicon and violate the law with illegal methods,” he said. 

“As a former policeman, I can’t watch Berkut special forces getting burned [by Molotov cocktails].  They’re killing police in Kyiv, and in the west of Ukraine, they’re killing Russian businessmen,” claimed Zhylin. 

When told that only a court can decide if a person arrested is a criminal, Zhylin responded by saying:  “Yes, but the crime here is obvious [seizing state organs].  According to the Criminal Code (KK), a person who catches a criminal is not legally responsible for carrying out light and mid-level injuries,” he said. 

“If a person cuts off two hands or knocks out two eyes, that’s a serious crime, but if a person breaks an arm or a leg – it’s a mid-level one.  I want criminals to understand that I can break a leg of theirs completely, and nothing will happen to me,” Zhylin expressed with confidence. 

“More than that, if someone lays a finger on my person, the law allows me to kill him.  If a criminal is killed when he’s taken in, and the people who arrested him have abused their duties, they face up to three years in prison, so they face nothing,” he said.  

“You can just kill a person, and practically nothing happens because of it.  These laws encourage me as a citizen to stop disruptions of public order.  These laws tell me:  ‘Zhenia, do whatever you want, but stop a crime.’  That’s what moves us to get together, and we’re waiting until they start committing crimes,” claimed Zhylin. 

“We have information that the authorities have been giving us,” he admitted.  “They ask us, people active in sports, to help our city, not just so that it survives, but so that it remains unstained.” 

Soccer fans have gone out to defend the Euromaidan in Kharkiv several times, though Zhylin speaks about his potential opponents in a patronizing manner.  “When we went out, the police went away from the ultras, and right away they scattered.  But their parents started calling Mayor Kernes, and so the Mayor called [us] and asked us not to touch them.  Like, their parents called and said that their kids had made a mistake and had shown up at the wrong place.  Well, we stopped them,” said Zhylin, not hiding his close ties to the city’s chief and the police.  

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2 comments on “Kharkiv Leader of Oplot (Bulwark) Threatens Euromaidan Activists – February 4, 2014
  1. tombreyfogle says:

    Reblogged this on OK, Fine. and commented:
    This is a re-blog. Ukraine police and para-military groups feel comfortable feel comfortable injuring some protesters because “According to the Criminal Code (KK), a person who catches a criminal is not legally responsible for carrying out light and mid-level injuries.”

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