Kharkiv Activists Join Boycott of Party of Regions – February 7, 2014

Kharkiv Euromaidan Conducting “Goods for Blood” Campaign (translation of Facebook Posting by Volodymyr Chystylin, dated February 7, 2014, from Ukrainian, by William Risch)

On Saturday, February 8, at 14:00, activists of the Kharkiv Euromaidan will boycott Party of Regions goods.  They will picket near the Epitsentr hypermarket on Haharin Prospekt 352 (in the neighborhood of the Airport). 

The goal of the campaign is to tell city residents where money from goods in blood goes.  Kharkiv Euromaidan activists will hold up placards saying, “Don’t Feed Bandits” and “Don’t Finance Murder” and call on people to boycott Party of Regions goods. 

Then a column of Automaidan activists will join the protestors.  Automaidan activists will be holding their own event that day in town. 

At 18:00, on Saturday, there will be the traditional Kharkiv Euromaidan meeting near the Shevchenko Monument. 

Their Sunday event, as usual, is at 12:00.  After it is over, they plan to picket Channel 7 and call on them to stop spreading lies. 

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