Interview with Right Sector Press Secretary Artem Skoropads’kyi – February 4, 2014, 4 February 2014, 11:17

Right Sector Regards Jesus Christ as Its Leader (translation by William Risch)

Artem Skoropads’kyi, press secretary of the Ukraniian right radical movement, “Right Sector” (Pravyi sector) told Public Television (Hromads’ke telebachennia) about this organization’s ideological principles and about its involvement in protests in Ukraine.

According to him, Jesus Christ is regarded as leader of this organization, and its main idea is creating an independent, united Ukrainian state.  Right Sector, as the organization’s spokesman states, is against anti-Semitism, racism, and fascism.

“Right Sector does have a leadership – it’s Dmytro Iarosh, head of the Stepan Bandera Trident organization, “ the press secretary claimed.  “So only he can give out orders.  As far as who our leader is – that’s Jesus Chris, our Savior.  We submit ourselves to no one else, we are Christians.  Our main idea is creating an independent, united Ukrainian state.  We will do everything we can to achieve this.”  He added that his organization is currently in the avant-garde of the “Ukrainian national liberation revolution.” 

A. Skoropads’kyi stressed that a lot of false things have been said about Right Sector.  “Russian media especially say these things.  They say that they’re some awful fascists, Nazis, and racists.  That’s wrong.  First, we are Christians.  Second, we are anti-Communists and anti-Socialists, but we also are against racism, anti-Semitism, National Socialist ideology, and fascism.  We are traditional Ukrainian nationalists who are followers of the ideas of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN),” stressed Artem Skoropads’kyi. 

Artem Skoropads’kyi was born in Moscow.  He graduated from the M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.  He has worked as a correspondent for federal-wide edition of Rosssiiskaia Gazeta, the Ukrainian journal Kommersant (where he wrote on religious themes) and other periodicals.


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