Maidan Chronicle – January 17, 2014

Ukrainians Protesting "Dictatorship Laws" Passed January 16, 2014

Ukrainians Protesting “Dictatorship Laws” Passed January 16, 2014

No more interviews for me, at least for today.  I am sitting at home, wondering what might be happening in Kyiv.  Unlike last night, where fear and dread prevailed, I now feel anger and defiance.  Music from Okean El’zy and from the Polish film, “Black Thursday,” boost my spirits after the Ukrainian “Black Thursday” (a term many Ukrainians themselves were using on Facebook last night).  I go to Kyiv tonight.  We will see what happens in the meantime.  I hope I will not wind up in the middle of anarchy.  The peace and quiet of this Donetsk apartment is comforting.  The only sudden surprises I have to deal with is the family cat, the kitten “Chapyk,” suddenly leaping from a ledge, or falling from a collapsing rack of clothes. 

There is no way hundreds of thousands of people can be arrested at once for those activities labelled “crimes.”  Already the State Department to its credit has condemned these new laws.  Such laws could even affect Party of Regions members if interpreted broadly.  As friends on Facebook have said, when history is repeated, it tends to be repeated as farce (taking words from Karl Marx).  This must be the most ultimate farce I have ever experienced in my life.  I truly am living in a state seized by criminals. 

(Thus were my thoughts set to type on Friday, January 17, the afternoon before I was to leave for Kyiv.) 

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