Update on Repressions in Ukraine – from texty.org.ua – December 28, 2013

Link in texty.org.ua, translated from Ukrainian by William Risch

Repressions continue.  Injured, held, arrested (informational chart).

Today, Kyiv’s Pechers’kyi District Court refused to enforce the Amnesty Law for Mass Protest Participants and left journalist Valeriy Harahuts behind bars.  EuromaidanSOS gives an example of what these people face:

Ivanov, Volodymyr Mykolaiovych, born 5 November 1957, was beaten on 30 November.  No case was brought up against him.  He wrote a complaint about the beating.  He gave testimony as a victim.  On 10 December, he went from the Prosecutor’s Office on Hor’kyi Street with the lawyer Smoliy to the UBOZ (Smoliy had to do something there, and Ivanov simply went with him).  While papers were being prepared, they went outside to get some fresh air, and they were beaten by the special forces unit “Sokil” when Smoliy was arrested.  The victim is currently in the hospital, in the cardiac unit (he had received several blows to the chest). 

Informational chart by Iaryna Mykhailyshyn

TRANSLATION OF CHART HEADINGS (from Maidan SOS, as of 18 December 2013):

Attempts to Break up the Maidan

181 wounded

41 arrested

38 prosecuted

(rest of chart then gives 19 cases of specific legal actions taken against such people)


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