Third Euromaidan Automobile Burned in Kharkiv – December 27, 2013

Third Euromaidan Automobile Burned in Kharkiv

Ukrains’ka Pravda, Friday, 27 December 2013, 10:11

Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch

Around 3 a.m. in Kharkiv, a car belonging to volunteers who for over a month had made hot tea and sandwiches for the Kharkiv Euromaidan, was burned. 

The website “Maidan” reported this incident, which happened in the yard of a building on 31 Danylevs’kyi Street. 

The fire affected a nearby automobile.  A fire crew arrrived at the scene of the crime, stated the bulletin. 

Fire department and police came quickly to the burned car. 

The automobile, a Chevrolet Lacetti, worth 10,000 USD, was totalled. 

Euromaidan coordinators and the car’s owners asked journalists to come to the scene of the crime for a briefing at 11:00. 

“It’s already the sixth crime against the Euromaidan in Kharkiv,” stressed Kharkiv Euromaidan activists. 


And this is already the third time where a vehicle used by Euromaidan activists has been burned.  The last car to be torched was on 24 December.

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