Prosecutor’s Office Acting against Kyiv Internet Providers? – December 26, 2013

26 December 2013, 22:43:
Prosecutor’s Office Preparing Complete Blockade of Internet Providers in Kyiv

(Translated from Russian by William Risch)

This week it became clear that district prosecutor’s offices in Kyiv are sending letters en masse to Internet providers that request documented legal proof for of network installations in the capital’s residential neighborhoods. Internet providers imagine that this could become the beginning of a new redistribution of the Internet access market in the capital.

However, experts, according to what Vechernie Vesti told Tsenzor.NET, fear more serious consequences, ones that could affect the entire Ukrainian state.

“The InAU has information that Kyiv district prosecutor’s offices are sending out letters like these to providers (text of letter follows this article, has been omitted from this translation – translator). There are claims that the Prosecutor’s Office is supporting the activities of KZhSIe, and that fire inspectors and other agencies are ready to be involved in this process. It is possible that similar letters are being sent to places outside the capital,” said Vladimir Kukovskii, Executive Director of InAU.

Providers who themselves have received such letters have preferred not to comment on such actions by the Kyiv’s Prosecutor’s Office. But considering recent competition over the market, its participants must get ready for the worst-case scenario.


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