More on the Visit to Zakharchenko’s Place – December 26, 2013

Translation by William Risch of Hromads’kyi Sektor Ievromaidanu, caption to photo album shared around 12:16 p.m. on 26 December 2013
A total of 150 activists went to the village of Pidhirets’ (27 km. from Kyiv) to picket the home of Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Minister of Internal Affairs. 
Zakharchenko is responsible for the bloody crackdown on students by Berkut, the breakup of the Maidan, and the assault on journalist Tetiana Chornovol.  The fact that police from Obukhiv were brought into the village indicates that this is the home of a high-placed official.  Activists from Civic Sector of the Euromaidan estimated a total of 5 patrol cars in the area.  Also, they encountered hired thugs (titushki) not far away from here – a couple dozen guys dressed in black, with bats.
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