List of People Injured and Property Damaged – December 25, 2013

A translation of an article from, by William Risch, 25 December 2013, 11:23 a.m. 

List of All Those Injured in Regions Because of Euromaidan Made Public

Over 10 Activist Automobiles Burned During Protest Period
(Translated from Russian by William Risch)

A list has been made public of all those injured in regions of Ukraine because of the Euromaidan events, as well as activists whose automobiles were burned or damaged. 

The list was included in a public appeal addressed to Minister of Internal Affairs Vitalii Zakharchenko, made by Kyiv resident Evgeniia Zakrevska. 

For instance, on November 22, an attack occurred in Feodosii against activist Sergei Mokreniuk, an organizer of local protests there.  A few days later, on the evening of November 27, his automobile was damaged in Simferopol. 

On November 5, a group of unknown people attacked the tent city of Eurointegration supporters in the center of Dnepropetrovsk.  Sergei Romanenko, co-organizer of the protest, and 6 more protestors were hurt during the attack. 

On the night of November 29-30, in Ivano-Frankovsk, Maksim Kitsiuk, co-organizer of the Euromaidan there, was severely beaten by unknown people.  He received head injuries and multiple wounds to his legs.  On the evening of November 30, public activist Vladimir Khanas, local civic activist, was beaten up in Ternopol. 

On December 22, Dmitrii Tkachuk, chair of the local Democratic Alliance organization in Zhytomir, was attacked by unknown people in the stairwell of his own home. 

In additon, on November 23 and 28, also in Zhytomir, unknown people twice beat up Vlad Puchich, editor of the newspaper Twenty Minutes (20 minut), and on December 15, Viktor Brokarev, chair of the local Freedom (Svoboda) Party unit, was attacked.  Since the protests began, a total of 7 automobiles belonging to local activists who organized and took part in peaceful public gatherings have been damaged. 

On the evening of December 24, in the center of Kharkov, unknown people committed an armed attack against Dmitrii Pilipets, a local activist and co-organizer of protests.  During the attack, Pilipets was stabbed several times. 

Also, a number of activists saw their cars burned.  For instance, on November 27 in Kyiv, the car of Aleksandr Daniliuk, leader of the movement “Common Cause” (Spil’na Sprava), was burned.  On the evening of December 6, in Lugansk, Igor Chudovskii, a well-known lawyer and one of the organizers of local protests there, saw his car set on fire.  On the night of December 16, in Uzhgorod, people burned the car of one of the organizers of local protests there, Iaroslav Shafar.  On December 20, the car of Sergei Koval’skii, co-coordinator of local protests, was destroyed in Simferopol. 

Also, on December 21, the car of activist Evgenii Burkut was burned in the town of Artsiz in the Odessa Region.  Over the past month, he had driven people wishing to take part in protests in Kyiv.  On the night of December 23-24, a local Euromaidan activist’s car was burned in Kharkov. 

Earlier, on December 13, unknown people in Kharkov burned yet one more automobile, one that organizers of local protests had used to transport equipment.  On the night of December 20, the local offices of the “Enlightenment” (Prosvita) organization in Kharkov, temporary headquarters for the local Euromaidan there, were broken into and destroyed. 

Last night, journalist Tatiana Chornovol was brutally beaten by unknown people en route to Borispol.  She is currently hospitalized and in critical condition.

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