Kozhem’iakin Aide Stabbed near Odessa – December 28, 2013

Kozhem’iakin Aide Stabbed and Threatened with a Hole Puncher
Saturday, 28 December 2013, 18:05
Translation from Ukrainian by William Risch
Vasyl’ Buhaichuk, aide to member of Parliament Andriy Kozhem’iakin, was attacked with a knife in Illichivs’k in the Odessa Region.  They also threatened to break his skull with a hole puncher.   
Kozhem’iakin himself made this claim at the National Resistance Headquarters, indicates the Fatherland Party press office.  … According to him, the attack happened on December 28, during a campaign to collect signatures of people wishing to join the All-Ukrainian “Maidan” Association. 
“My aide was standing near tables where people were coming to sign up.  Bricks started flying from somewhere on the eighth floor of a nearby building where the tables stood.  One brick hit a woman on the head, and another injured someone’s shoulder,” Kozhem’iakin said.  He said that Buhaichyk ran to catch the troublemakers.  They stabbed him several times, and then they threatened to break his skull with a hole puncher.  “Vasyl’ only managed to escape because people ran up,” Kozhem’iakin stated. 
According to Ivan Krul’ko, head of the youth organization, Fatherland Youth, the attackers are hiding in the Illichivs’k Executive Council building; thus, “they are being protected by law enforcement organs.”  Ukrains’ka Pravda
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