Iuriy Lutsenko Hit with Green Dye in Kharkiv – December 28, 2013

Green Dye Thrown at Lutsenko in Kharkiv; Police Protecting Assailants
Ukrains’ka Pravda, Saturday, 28 December 2013, 13:20
Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch
Former MVS (Ministry of Internal Affairs) minister Iuriy Lutskenko was hit with green dye while at a public meeting in Kharkiv. 
As the Third Republic’s press service stated, right after Lutsenko arrived at Kharkiv’s Euromaidan,  his wife and several activists were hit with green dye twice near the Shevchenko monument. 
“An uknown woman made the first attempt, while a man made the second one.  Right after the attack, the criminals ran across Sums’ka Street and hid in the basement of a building opposite the monument to the Kobzar, where there had been a meeting planned with the politician,” states the press release. 
“The police immediately took the building’s entrance under its protection, so that outraged Euromaidan participants would not take their revenge on the scoundrels,” said the press service, quoting journalists who had been there on the scene. 
“Iuriy and Iryna Lutsenko are in Kharkiv today.  The meeting took place in a warm, colorful atmosphere… The limitations of Dobkin-Gepa thinking (reference to the governor and mayor of Kharkiv – translator) were noticeable right away.  Green dye is all they have.  These unfortunate people do not understand that green dye doesn’t stop Lutsenko.  Kharkiv’s administration must be freed of its midgets, and I think that green dye could come in handy to treat the wounds on their own heads,” said Lutsenko’s press secretary, Larysa Sarhan, on her Facebook page. 
In the past, opposition figures have been assaulted with green dye several times in Kharkiv.  Thus troublemakers in this manner attacked Serhiy Vlasenko, Arsen Avakov, and Oleksandr Kirsh.   In addition, after Inna Bohoslovs’ka left the Party of Regions fraction, she, too, was assaulted with green dye, though this was not in Kharkiv, but Kyiv.
Video source:  “Channel Five”
Ukrains’ka Pravda
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