Euromaidan Activist’s Apartment Raided – December 27, 2013

Ievromaidan Novyny, post on Facebook, 12/27/2013:

Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch

The police searched the apartment of a Euromaidan activist: Notebook computer and money are missing.

A search took place in the apartment rented by Euromaidan activist, Freedom (Svoboda) Party member Stanislav Krasnov. According to him, his apartment’s landlady called the police after she found, in a visible location, a TT pistol. Krasnov claims that the pistol was planted there. He also claimed that during the search, 10,000 hryvnias and a notebook computer were stolen. “This is again proof of the state’s illegal treatment of Maidan activists,” says Krasnov. “The police is trying to neutralize activists. Without any justification, they broke the door, they stole all our things, and they ripped up everything they didn’t steal with a knife – pants, shirts, and so on. In the police record they wrote that the owner of the apartment had called on them because she supposedly had found a TT pistol. But that’s not true.”

A classic from the “Musara” genre

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