A Visit to Zakharchenko’s Place – December 26, 2013

Translation by William Risch of Pravda.com.ua, 26 December 2013, at 17:10:
Protestors Arrived at Zakharchenko’s Building A column of several hundred protestors arrived and picketed the home of Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Minister of Internal Affairs. 
An “Ukrains’ka Pravda” correspondent reported on this incident.  Journalist Tetiana Chornovol, the day before she was beaten, told of this home belonging to the MVS chief. 
Protestors came to see Zakharchenko with signs that said, “Executioner – out!,” as well as photos of the beaten journalist. 
Some man peered out from behind the fence and assured demonstrators that Zakharchenko didn’t live there.  He also asked them not to damage any property. 
A police unit came up to the protestors.  When they saw that the act was peaceful, they left. 
Participants laid portraits of Zakharchenko in blood in front of the fence.  They also wrote in large letters, “An executioner lives here!” 
Ukrains’ka Pravda
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