A Ukrainian’s Experiences of the March on Mezhyhir’ia – December 29, 2013

Facebook Posting by Andriy Skipalskyi, from December 29, 2013

Translated by William Risch

I was hitchhiking.  1.)  The first car, a new Nissan, was going to Mezhyhir’ia.  A woman was behind the wheel.  Businessmen were in it.  Her husband called on people to block the railroad and the road.  Kyivans.  2) The second car was a new Peugot.  Some fashionable artists from Kyiv.  They’d filled the car full.  They were going to Medvedchuk.  3)  The third car was a Ford.  A family of teachers.  Seven years ago they had moved from Ienakievo.  They were terribly happy to be taking part in such a thing.  They took me to Aziriv.  4) Businessmen who have a logitech firm took me back to the Maidan.  They all agreed we should meet for New Year’s.  So here’s the middle class on wheels.  Glory to Ukraine!

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