A Journalist’s Reaction to the Tetiana Chornovol Beating

December 24, 2013

A translation of a Facebook posting from independent journalist Mustafa Nayyem on the beating of Tetiana Chornovol, who investigated the residence of Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko earlier today:

Tat’iana Chornovol was brutally beaten. There will be a lot of talk about this. A lot of meaningless words. But regardless of who comments on this barbarism and how, one fact is obvious.

Everyone who is now with Viktor Yanukovych – from Party of Regions members of Parliament, to government chiefs, to Minister of Internal Affairs Vitalii Zakharchenko, to Presidential Administration Chief Sergei Levochkin, to SNBO (National Security Council) Chief Andrei Kliuiev, to Dmitrii Firtash and Rinat Akhmetov – EVERYONE who currently are with him as one team and who remain so – ALL OF YOU automatically support what is going on in front of our eyes.

Everyone who acts like they don’t understand anything and can’t do anything, in one way or another, you are complicit in every hit directed at Tat’iana Chornovol’s face.

You can act like it’s not true. You can turn away your glances in cowardly fashion, hinting that it’s not your fault.

But that’s YOUR face.

That’s YOUR choice to remain with that team and cover yourselves with words that mean nothing.

It’s YOU, not us, who remain silent. It’s YOU who became the reason why this has become impossible to take in this country any longer.

It’s YOU who quickly started an investigation into people throwing snowballs at Iuliia Levochkina, Irina Gorina and Irina Berezhna and now YOU heartlessly refused to say a word, preferring instead to go off on vacation for New Year’s Day.

You can walk right past this. But it doesn’t change the point: up until now, you’ve been on the same team, YOU are personally complicit, and you support this disgusting state of affairs.

And it’s no longer about image, or losing power, or losing influence – it is about losing a sense of humanity and our entire generation. You no longer have the right to decide things for us. You no longer have the right to determine what country we should live in.

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